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In an exclusive interview with the Naija Rat, upcoming artiste- 
"Yomi Ace" opens up about his music career, his goals and what inspires him to be who he aims to become. 

 Q. Tell Us A Bit About Yourself 
Umm, so my full names are Jemiseye Abayomi Moses, I'm a student of unilag studying Survey Engineering, I think I'm 5ft 4 not sure tho... 

 Q. When And How Did You Start Music?  
Music, I've been doing music for as long as i can remember but I will say I officially launched my career by 2014.
 Q. Why Did You Choose Rap Amongst the Various Music Genres? 
Correction I'm not just a rapper,  I'm a rap musician which means I have the ability to diversify and do other genre's of music...

  Q. What Or Who Inspires You?
My inspiration comes from different sources, I listen to a lot of the western sound and i'll say it has greatly influenced my sound..buh i also have an afro background and I'm greatly influenced by ASA.... 

 Q. What Are Your Parents' Actions Concerning You Being An Artiste? Lol....well my mom is supportive buh i wont lie, popsy doesn't even know yet so i'm trying to make it to a point in my life where he won't have any choice than to accept it.  

 Q. How Long Have You Been Into Music And What Are Your Achievements? 
oh well like i said,  i officially launched my music career 2014 so that's like four years, my achievements.. well I've been gaining a lot of acceptance and i'm forever grateful for the love and respect i'm being given. I've been given alot of awards and lately i was crowned unilag's Artiste/Rapper of the year at the Nigerian campus choice awards 2017 and many more all thanks to God. 

 Q. What Are The Greatest Challenges You've Faced As An Upcoming Artiste? 
I've been through alot of challenges, bruh to be a student and be an artiste na work, money go just dey finish anyhow from studio session fee to promotion bills, its always not easy and fingers are not equal so i just thank God for being there for me. 

 Q. How Do You Manage School And Music? 
School and music is one of the hardest things to do, for instance i'm an engineering student and i do three different kinds of maths and i still have to be there when called upon either to perform or to feature so its not easy.  I also have to cover a whole lot of school work in a short period of time and try to be around for my school work, so i do three times the work my peers do buh all thanks to God again. 

 Q. So Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years? 
In five years i hope to have achieved all my goals, I also want to be the first Nigerian artiste to be given a Grammy award, lol i know its kinda huge buh y'all can't blame a nigga. 

 Q. Your Advice To Other Upcoming Artiste Like You
okay my advice to other upcoming artistes, just keep pushing don't stop one day we'll get there by God's grace..

 Q. Do You Have A Girlfriend? 
lol...that's private and i'm not ready to release any information about my private life.

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