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GISTS: An Exclusive Chat Session With 'The Retro'.

In the continuous search for talent, Naijarat has once again come across a promising specimen. An upcoming duo that go by the name "The Retro". Read below the lovely conversation that ensued between them and the Naijarat in a chat session.

Q. What Birthed Your Stage Name 'The Retro'? 
Jethro- I Got It From My Ex (She Did The Vocals On The Hook In Our First Song "With You"). Once We Had Issues & She Was Like Jethro Why Can't We Go "Retro", Like The Way We Used To Be And Then I Just Liked The Name.
I Used To Call Myself JCE Retro Before I Met Bash & Then When I Met Bash We Just Decided To Make It Short & Call Ourselves "The RETRO"

Q. How Did You Meet Eachother And How Long Have You Both Been Together? 
Jethro- We Was Class Mate, It's A Kinda Funny Story, In My Class It Was Likr Only I Who Love Trap Music, So When Bash Came My School, He Was Just Like Another Me, (He Love Trap Music) So, We Decided To Team & Make Trap Music For My Class...
We Just Wanted Our Classmates To Love Trap Music.   
And We've Been Together Like Almost A Year, It's Been Fun So Far.

Bash- We Met In Secondary School, Almost A Year Now.

Q. What Type Of Music Do You Guys Do? 
Jethro- Errything Trap Buh We Just Started Changing  It Up A Lil Bit, With Some Pidgin & A Lil Bit Of Pop (We Didn't Even Know It Was Pop, Till People Was Like "Oh¡ You Guys Goin' Pop Now?) 

Q. What Or Who Inspires You?
Bash- Alot Of Positive Things & People Inspire Me, People like Jethro, Meek Mill, Travis Scott.

Jethro- Lotta People & Things Inspires Me, I Can't Even Name All Of Them Buh I'll Just Say Two Names & They're "God" & "Kanye"

Q. What Are Your Parents' Actions Concerning You Being Artistes? 
Bash- My Parents Don't Agree With It,They See It As Waste Of Time & Basically Waywardness. 

Jethro- My Mom's Cool, She Even Gave Us Cash A While Ago To Do Some "Retro Shirts".

Q. How Long Have You Been Into Music And What Are Your Achievements As A Team? 
Jethro- We've Been In Music For Almost A Year, 9 Months Tops & We've Won Just Two Awards & Got Paid For Couple Of Features.

Q. What Are The Greatest Challenges You've Faced As Upcoming Artistes And As A Team? 
Jethro- The Greatest Challenge We Face As A Group Is People Always Try To Say This Is The Best Of Them Two, That Shii Can Cause Hate. 

Bash- Yea, True To What Jethro Said. Also, Less Attention, Criticism And Belittling Our Style Of Music. 

Q. Has Being A Unilag Student Helped Your Music In Any Way? 
Jethro- Yeah, Being In Unilag Is Great. 
It Got Our Music Out There, New Audience And Shii, Get Gigs All The Time 'Cause Of Unilag. 

Bash- Yea. Really Helped Quite A Couple Of Times. 

Q. Do You Guys Disagree Often? 
Bash- Yea, We do. We Really Do. 

Jethro- Hell Yeah, Especially When We're Making Music, When We Got Performances, Features.. Let's Just Say We Disagree All The Time, We're Humans Plus Bash Fucks Up A Lot. 

Q. Do You Plan On Being Signed To The Same Record Label Or You Can Each Perform Individually? 
Jethro- I Mean Like We Can Perform & Make Music Individually, I've Been Featured In Songs Without Him & He's Been Featured In Songs Without Me..
Buh Me Personally Prefer Us Being Together Man.. We Family Now & We Also We Also Bring The Best In Each Other.

Bash- That's The Simple Truth

Q. What Music Have You Released In The Past And What Are You Working On Right Now? 
Bash- We've Previously Released 'With You' & Some Other Features But Right Now We Working On "the TRUTH" Which Is Currently Been Mastered By AfromediaHUB. 

Jethro- This New Song Is Set To Drop Exclusively On SoundCloud On The 26 Of This Month. 

Q. Tell Us More About This New Jam! 
Jethro- I Like This New Jam Cos It's Kinda Too Lit, It Got A Lil Bit Of Errything, Like Pidgin, Some Pop Shii, Trap Vibe & Then Some Weird New Stuff.
Hmm, The Song Will Be Great For Me Man, Errybody Got A Different Taste In Music. So, I Can't Say For Others, It Was A Free Session We Won Online From AfroMedia Hub, A Studio In Lekki Phase One & The Song Will  Be Released By Remark Recordings, Exclusively On SoundCloud On The 26 Of August. Remark Recordings Is A SoundCloud Label From Netherlands.

Q. Do You Usually Receive Negative Comments From The Crowd Via Social Media Or Any Other Means? 
Bash- Yeah A lot. Sometimes It Becomes  So Unbearable That We Think About Quitting But We Just Gotta Be Strong And Believe In Our Dreams.

Q. What Do You Have To Say To Your Fans That Listen And Love Your Music? 
Bash- Keep Supporting,We Appreciate The Love & Expect More Positive Music. 

Jethro- Thanks, We Appreciate A Lot! Won't Be Doin' This Damn Interview Without You Guys & Keep Supporting And Expect More Great Music.

Q. What Is Your Advice To Other Upcoming Artiste Like You? 
Jethro- Just Keep Doin' What You Do As Long As Your Fans Love It & You Love It Buh Never Be Fake, Stay Real Always & Don't Give A F#&k. 

Bash- Keep Up With The Good Work, Believe In Your Dreams And Your Style Of Music,Be Positive In All Things & Put God first. 

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You can also follow them on IG @theretrogang
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